GIS Day: Part II

GIS Day (part 2) was moderately better today, but maybe that’s because I left early. I went across the street to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The new exhibit on mammals was cool, the Asian, African and Native American sections were good but the BEST was the geology and gems area. I went through the back way so I didn’t see the Hope Diamond until the end. All the gems, though! Oh! I wanted to smash my fist through the display cases, grab fists full of the sparkling gems, shove them into my pockets and start running. Oh! Some of them were the size of sandwiches! So big! Then I got to the national gems, a room filled with diamond necklaces, canary diamonds, rubies, sapphires and tiaras! Then I got to the Hope Diamond. Talk about hype. Yeah, it’s cursed, beautiful and has a colorful history but what’s the super big deal? It’s in a display case in the middle of the room and the pedestal it sits on turns 90 degrees every 15 seconds so no matter where you’re standing, you’ll eventually get a frontal shot of it. A whole bunch of people were standing around it, cooing, and I was thinking, “Yo, did anyone see the diamond necklace, earrings and ring set in the other room, totaling 256 carats of yellow diamonds? I’d take that over this necklace any day, you idiots.” I understand the overall allure of diamonds, though. When faceted properly, no other mineral can give that sparkle. All other gems pale in comparison.

Then I went and saw T-REX 3-D at the IMAX Theater inside the museum. It cost eight dollars and lasted a mere forty-two minutes. It’s good for kids but I felt gypped. I thought it was going to be all in the jungles and dinosaurs ripping apart other dinosaurs with entrails and shards of bones flying at the screen but instead, it was a poorly executed melodrama about a girl who wishes her paleontologist dad would take her some on digs with him. There were parts where things flew out the screen at you while the girl walked through a “jungle” (in her mind) after sniffing some prehistoric paleo-fumes and I jumped a little but, overall, the movie was weird. I want to try some of those fumes, though. It looks like you get an awesome trip from it.

My flight is tomorrow morning, so I’m going to read a little, crank call a couple other hotel rooms and go to bed.

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