Bhah ha ha ha haaaa!!

I've just done all my Christmas shopping at Amazon. I'm done. I got the most perfect gifts, wrapping paper, cards, etc. Now I don't have to deal with:

1. Last minute shopping and getting people crap gifts because all the good stuff was bought weeks ago.
2. Traffic.
3. Getting shoved around by bitchy/frantic shoppers.
4. Traffic.
5. Going from store to store to store because one person wants music while another wants cooking things while pets need pet things, etc.
6. Dealing with vacant sales people.
7. Lines in stores.

I’m seriously going to have so much more free time in December than I did last year. At the moment, my mom is really into copper things so I just went to Kitchen & Housewares and typed “copper” into the search box. A bunch of copper things came up, clickity-click, I’m done shopping for my mom and I know she’s going to like the gift, as opposed to the Mickey Mouse pencil holder gave her last year. (“Sorry, it was all I could find… Uh…Oh yeah, and I love you.”)

See, this is exactly why I'm shopping online this year.

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