OOOooooooooooo... Nice article of Karen Berger and Vertigo Comics. I love Vertigo (first and foremost) because of the Sandman comics, but they're new stuff is also very, very good: Fables and Y: The Last Man. I'm also thinking of delving into 100 Bullets, but it looks a *tad* too violent for me.

The big, hardbound book the article refers to, Endless Nights, is a return for Gaiman to the "Endless" he wrote about in the Sandman comics: Destiny, Death, Destruction, Dream, Delirium, Despair and Desire. It’s been a decade since the comic series ended or, at least, since Gaiman stopped writing for Dream (who has popped up in a few DC comics here and there, but written by other people). This graphic novel is made up of 7 parts, one part for each of the Endless. If you would like this graphic novel, you should go to a local comic book store to purchase it, as they should be getting it this week (as opposed to Amazon and Borders, who won’t be getting it until October).

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