Last night's democratic debate was the first ever to be televised in both English and Spanish. In keeping with this bilingual equilibrium, Neal Pollack has written today's blog entry en español. Saving you the trouble of doing it yourself, I've used an online translator to decipher his text:

"Yesterday night, the democraticos candidates by the office of President of the United States tenian their first debate. It was the first debate in our history conductada in two languages. In the honor of this important occasion, I am escribando my blog today in espanol.

Please, he excuses my horible gramatica. I do not have many opportunities to use espanol aqui in Roofing tiles. I think that you understand.

Anyway, vei the debate twice, a time in normal speed, and a extra-slow one to include/understand the secret gestures of the men and Senora Mosely-Braun. Despues five hours, I can conclude that Howard Dean is the second coming of Jesus Christ in this earth, and that the other candidates need to leave now or but to burn in fires of the time. Of course only my opinion.

I think that Joseph Lieberman was very strong quando decia, "we do not have enough soldiers in oriente.medio. We needed at least three milion, and if the pigs fly and if you choose president to me, I promise more than ten times than many." Then it showed its horns reunited the multitude, that jadeó.

I really thought the debate moved enough, specially during the one of debate concert pre, when Dianne Fienstein Christina French Eyrie kissed, and 50 Cent called John to Them Edwards P I M P of the year. They pretend to be rival, but they are really in the same label.

About general, I think that this will be an excellent series of twelve debates, as long as New York continues to have storms, with which maintaining To the Sharpton far. There is something about which type that I just do not trust."

[los españoles del extremo, comienzan inglés]

"I think, however, that if Richard Gephardt wants to have a chance, he needs to mute his rhetoric. President Bush's foreign policy has been, perhaps, unfortunate, but it's not very professional to call it a "monstrous fuck-up of Herculean proportions."

Whoops! My time on that free translation program ran out. Well, I hope you've all enjoyed this Spanish-language edition of The Neal Pollack Invasion. If you have trouble reading this because you're a stupid gringo, run the text through a translation program and have hours of laughs. Next week, we'll do it in French."

[les anglais de fin, commencent des français]

"Oh! I am afraid! I am afraid!"

Vous voyez que la traduction n'est pas parfaite. Je n'ai aucune idée ce qu'a voulu dire il par "roofing des tuiles". Et est-ce que n'importe qui sait ce qui un "jadeo" est? Je réellement ai manqué la discussion la nuit passée en raison de la douleur japonaise drôle et violente sur la TV.

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