I took Griffith to the vet yesterday to have the hair mats on the back of his thighs saved off. There were 5 or 6 rather large lumps and I felt bad that every time he sat down, he tilted a little to the left. I coaxed him in his carrier and drove over to the clinic. I love this clinic because they care (almost too much) about the pet and not so much the owner. When I arrived, they asked, “Griffith?” instead of “Miss Stender?” I’m shown into a room to wait for the technician. When he arrives, brandishing an electric shaver one might see in a barber shop, I drag Griffith from the carrier and put him into my lap. Griffith is part Manx and thus has only a tiny nubbin of a tail. He also has not been “fixed” yet. I say to the technician, “Please don’t shave off his tail or balls.” The man nods and sets to work. It’s all over within 5 minutes and I say, “Thank you, it was getting really bad.” He waves his hand dismissively and tells me that earlier that day, he had had a Persian in who was literally covered from the shoulders back with hair mats and burrs. He had to completely shave the cat bald and the fur ended up coming off in one big piece, like a turtle shell. Unbelievable. I brought Griffith home and he slept off the trauma for the rest of the evening.

I read more of The Crimson Petal and the White but was interrupted by Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on SpikeTV. Have you seen this show? It’s a Japanese reality series originally called “Takashi’s Castle” but comically dubbed into English. The contestants are made to perform some rather dangerous challenges, often with painful results. It’s hilarious. If you’d like to see it, SpikeTV is playing a marathon on September 7th (this coming Sunday) at 2pm.

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