[crochet] Happy Project Basket and Bowls

The other crochet project I worked on last week was a small basket:

Happy Project Basket

The pattern is Happy Project Basket by Stitch 'n Paste Designs and it's free on Ravelry. 

It is simply sock yarn knit over clothesline. It starts with a spiral and increases, then you work without increasing to create the straight sides.

Happy Project Basket

Some notes: 

The beginning/end of the project are a little fiddley. The clothesline really kind of poofs and frays when you cut it. I tried burning it a little but it didn't work well and was unsightly. I ended up cutting out the core of the clothesline, twisting the exterior nylon and crocheting over that, progressively cutting away a strand every cm or so to make it smaller to crochet over.

Because of the fraying, I dabbed some Fray Check (I use this for my cross-stitching along the edges of aida cloth) over the start and end of the clothesline

Remember to stop every half round to adjust the cord, to evenly spread or cinch the crochet stitches over it, to ensure that the tension is consistent.

Double-check handle placement to make sure that they are across from one another and that they're the same(ish) length.

Happy Project Basket

I really think this such a cute basket and I the color pooling works well with this project. It's fast because it's small (roughly the diameter of a new roll of toilet paper and a little taller).

I wanted to make more- but shallower blows. I followed the pattern as written but stopped after 5 or 6 even rounds.

Little Bowls

These bowls are so fast and a good use for leftover sock yarn.

Little Bowls

This white yarn is some that I dyed at the Green Mountain Knitting Guild retreat last fall.

Happy Project Basket

Pretty small- big enough for keys or change. These would be nice to have on a dresser or nightstand.

Little Bowls

Or the end table next to where you sit on the couch and things pile up like darning needles, stitch markers, small scissors, yarn ends, lip balm, hand lotion, needle gauge, more stitch markers... These bowls would be perfect to catch small stuff like that... Hang on, I have to go move one of these blows to my end table.

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