[knitting] Handspun Totally Biased

This is one of my last-minute projects that I entered into the fair last week. I pre-registered for an "item knit with handspun" but didn't have anything in mind, really. In just a couple days, I whipped up an infinity scarf with one of my favorite patterns: Totally Biased (free on Ravelry):

Handspun Totally Biased

Looking at this project makes me think of the series Episodes with Matt Leblanc, which is what I was watching while I worked on it. (It's a great series- I really enjoyed all of it- it's on Netflix.)

I've done this pattern half a dozen times, it's knit on a bias with periodic garter rows. The garter rows help keep the finished fabric flat- I've knit it entirely in stockinette and the edges roll in.

Handspun Totally Biased

I chose to do my garter rows at irregular intervals because it's too hard (for me) to remember to do them at the right time. When I realize I've forgotten to knit on the wrong side, I can't be bothered to tink back and just decide, "Whatever, I'll just do them when I remember."

Handspun Totally Biased

The yarn is pretty dense and I only cast on 38 stitches. It's nice and squishy and I'll definitely be wearing it a lot this winter.

Handspun Totally Biased


After work yesterday, I stopped by Poverty Lane Orchard to do some apple picking and picked up some cider. I'm starting to get into the fall spirit.

Apple Picking at Poverty Lane

Then I stopped by a farm close to my house to pick up a couple acorn squash, a delicata squash and some corn. I had a hankering for buttery roasted acorn squash filled with black rice. Next time I might be extra and dress up the black rice by mixing in some cooked shallots, dried cranberries, pecans... 

Was able to wrap up some spinning last night. I started 4 oz of wool by Into the Whirled to demonstrate the at fair. I finished the singles at the Green Mountain Knitting Guild retreat. Last night I plied them. All that's left is to wash/dry.

Last night was chilly enough that I received a frost warning to my phone. I threw and extra quilt onto the bed and wore handknit wool bedsocks for the first time of the season:

Frost warning tonight ❄️⚠️❄️ Time for an extra quilt and handknit wool socks  I’m toasty already. #bedsocks #knitting #sockknitting

It also helps when all the kitties are snuggled in with me:


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