[vermont] Pearl Crescent Butterfly

Speaking of butterflies:

Pearl crescent butterfly. ⚪️🌙 #pearlcrescentbutterfly

Pearl Crescent Butterfly on a daisy. I've seen many yellow and black Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies around but they are a bit more apprehensive of looming phones taking pictures.


No craft stuff done yesterday. Got home from work and it was 150F in the house and 115% humidity (roughly) and had a PILE of CSA veggies to take care of. You know what I don't love doing when it's 150 degrees out? Cooking a ton of vegetables. But I really don't have room for it all in the fridge so I cooked down a bunch of chard and kale together. Sauteed up zucchini, onion, tofu and garlic for a vegan stir-fry. Local beer bratwursts cooked with peppers and onions. Did rice in the rice cooker. 

Siiiigh. I complained to Penny the entire time I did all the cooking, "Penny, it's so hot. Why am I cooking all this, Penny? Penny, come here. Penny, get up off the tile floor, you're making me jealous. Penny." At least she kept me company. Or the floor was cool and it was too hot to move. Either way.

I need romaine recipes. Like, seriously. I have two heads of romaine lettuce the size of... heads. Large human heads. 

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