[vermont] Flying Lobster

I was in the back yard, hanging around the hostas which are flowering now. Bumblebees were busy going from flower to flower. Then I see a big bumblebee shaped like a lobster flying around. Whaaaat?

Bumblebee Clearwing Moth. #hemarisdiffinis #flyinglobster #bumblebeemoth

I Googled "bumblebee that looks like lobster" and found it: Bumblebee Clearwing Moth. It's a moth! I have never seen one of these before nor even heard of them. It had the black and yellow color of a bee, the wings beat like a bee and not really in a "fluttery" fashion, it was out during the day and was flying in/out/through the other bumblebees. But it's shaped like a little lobster and is also known as a "flying lobster".

I have a video of it on my Instagram here. Crazy. It was so cute, though.

Lots of other critters out and about. Saw three adult deer with two fawns in the back yard with three turkeys nearby. The turkeys got a little close, one of the fawns got a little interested- which led to some stomping by one of the moms.


Pretty boring, chore-laden weekend. It was Murderface's turn at the vet (annual exam, shots) on Saturday. He has lost a little weight so he's on strict orders to eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants. 

The annual winners from the American Cheese Society conference were announced and a Vermont cheesemaker won Best in Show 1st and 2nd place. I've printed off a list of all the Vermont winners and will go on a cheese scavenger hunt after work. This is my favorite kind of scavenger hunt.

I finished the doily I was working on. Well, I ran out of yarn two rounds short so... it's "finished" but doesn't look exactly like it's supposed to. It's blocking at the moment.

Still spinning the same. four. ounces. I really don't have much left to do but the thought of plying it is making me a little anxious. I'll have to put on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

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