[travel] San Diego

Had a work trip to San Diego last week. Got to see lots of co-workers from across the country and attended some good talks. It was sunny and hot but there's always a nice breeze from the ocean.

Attended a Padres game, my first ever pro sporting event:

I'm an electric scooter convert now. When I first arrived to the city and saw everyone going here and there on Lime-S scooters, I was like, "Lol stupid." I tried it. It's cheap, easy, fast and FUN. It was faster and cheaper to get from my hotel to the convention center on a scooter than taking the trolley. These scooters were everywhere- easy to find, FUN, easy to lock/unlock from your phone, and FUN. Scooting along the boardwalk in the sun at 10-15 mph with the press of a button? FUUUUUUN. I would never say no to an electric scooter when visiting a city now.

Mostly ate at social events and sponsored parties- which saves money- but the food is always somewhere between meh to terrible. I did have a dinner out at a Turkish restaurant that I wanted to make sure to visit while I was out there. Got the falafel (I always order it when I see it- and I've never been thrilled. Maybe I'll stop ordering it.) and a proper adana kebab (so much yum with this) so I can try to recreate it at home.

I even managed to get onto the water for a bit:

So long, San Diego. ☀️🚤💦

Went to the big party at Balboa Park Thursday evening- the highlight here is always the bands and museums. Saw some nice Korean artifacts, paintings (van Gogh and Matisse and Dali, oh my), and photographs.

Friday was a full travel day- I didn't get home until midnight. But it was so good to be home. And I got a lot of travel crochet done.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Glad you had a good time in Southern California! San Diego is a great town with lots to see and do. We have a proliferation of Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurants in Los Angeles now. The felafel is what I always order too! I have found recipes online for felafel and hummus. It's not too difficult to reproduce!