[knitting] Foxy Cat Hat

Still working on spinning for Tour de Fleece but I feel like I'm getting nowhere. I had to make something for instant gratification. Inspired by a fox cat hat online, I made my own:

Penny in the fox hat

The basis of this is tried-and-true hats from Cats in Hats by Sara Thomas. The fox hat in the book is crocheted but since I was using a bulky orange yarn, I decided to knit rather than crochet. The hat still ended up fairly dense but so adorable.

Penny in the fox hat

I started with one stitch on US 9 needles, increased every other row until I had 14 stitches. Cast off/cast on for the cat ear holes. Decreased back down to one stitch. Then made triangles for the fox ears. Used scraps of white/black for the interior of the ears and sewed the triangles together. Sewed the ears onto the headband in a slight curve:

Fox Hat

The ears ended up very large so to prevent them from falling forward, I tacked one stitch at the back of each ear to the base. They stay nice and perky.

Murderface loves the new #cathat, too. 🎩 Or maybe he simply tolerated it for the treats. #knitting

This is the 8th hat I've made for the cats. I'll wait until I get to a dozen and then make a slideshow. 

Back to spinning...

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

So cute! Can't wait to see the slideshow