[gardening] More Daylilies

More daylilies are opening up around the flowerbeds...

'Girlish Laughter':

‘Girlish Laughter’ #daylily #hemerocallis

'Wind in the Rigging':

‘Wind in the Rigging’ #daylily #hemerocallis

'Beware the Wizard':

‘Beware the Wizard’ ‍♂️ #daylily #hemerocallis

These names, I know. Beware the Wizard (Imma just call it 'bee tee dubs' in my head from now on) is one of the first I've ever bought from Hold'n Heaven three years ago and this is the first time it has bloomed for me. It has interesting extra li'l petals on the inside (I think this is just called a 'double' form), it's quite tall and the flowers are large. I really like this one.

'Moment in the Sun':

‘Moment in the Sun’ ☀️ #daylily #hemerocallis

This yellow one had a pretty hard time this summer- the petal edges are very bubbly and this is known as "chicken fat" edges because of how it looks. Several flowers had a hard time opening because the petals edges would get caught up. So seeing this one completely open was nice and this one is very fragrant. 

'Shores of Time'

‘Shores of Time’ #daylily #hemerocallis

'Wind in the Rigging'

‘Wind in the Rigging’ #daylily #hemerocallis

Some mystery red ones:

Hm. Mystery red daylilies. Maybe these were a gift from someone. 🎁 I love it! ❤️

And the very last of the year for the common orange ones:

Last of the common orange #daylilies. See you all again next year.

I think it might be time for a change. These common orange ones are right in front of the house, in kind of a primo spot because the deer don't come this close. Planted ages ago when I didn't have a lot of variety, I think I should move these all somewhere else (I won't be upset of the deer end up nibbling these) and have a really nice daylily garden in front of the house. I'll just go ahead and add that to the TO DO list...

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HeatherKnits said...

Gorgeous variety!