[gardening] Daylily Sale

Made it to the daylily sale this past weekend. 

Daylily Sale

Daylily Sale

I went down the line of her sale bed and googled all the names (not everything was blooming so it's not apparent how they will look)- making a list of the ones I liked.

A nearby (not for sale) daylily that I asked her about:

Daylily- toothy edge

I love these extra jagged edges and asked her what they're called. She said that the petal edges are referred to a 'teeth', so an edge that's all extra like that would be called 'toothy'.

Daylily- toothy edge

I love it! I hope she puts something toothy for sale in the future.

She also had a very interesting (non-daylily) specimen:

Bear’s breeches. 🐻👖 Seen today at the daylily garden. Huge, pretty but thorny. #acanthusmollis #bearsbreeches

Bear's breeches. Acanthis mollis. I've never seen anything like it (and I don't think it's meant for our USDA zone but this woman has the magic touch)- very tall, pretty flowers. The foliage is a very dark green and the leaves have an interesting shape. But it's overall very thorny with fine spikes everywhere- on the leaves and flower stalks. It sounds like you want to wear a bomb squad suit when you're cleaning up the flower bed and trying to remove this plant once it's dried up.

Anyway, I bought five different flowers:

River Ripples
Touch of Faust
Voice of Reason
Karma Suture
Pick of the Litter

I planted them all as soon as I got home on Saturday (we have lots of rain forecast this week). On Sunday, as I was going down the driveway to run errands, I saw 'Pick of the Litter' blooming:

One of the new daylilies: ‘Pick of the Litter’ #daylily #hemerocallis

Yay! Can't wait to see the rest!

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