[crochet] Agnes Doily

My travel knitting last week was a new doily:

Last week’s airplane crochet project... a few more rounds to go. #doily #agnesdoily #crochet

This is the Agnes Doily- you can find it on Ravelry. You need to be a member of the designer's Facebook group to get the pattern for free. The pattern is well written but there isn't a lot of hand-holding (I think it could use some detailed pictures for the more complicated rounds) and I did all of the above work during just the flights. I have a few more long rounds to do at home, then I'll wash/block. It's a very textured pattern.


TGIF. Apart from some rain on Tuesday, the weather this week has been wonderful. Last night we went to Feast and Field in Barnard, VT for the first time to check out my coworker's band who was playing. It was so much fun. Enjoyed some local beer and wine and food. I had a birch sap mead that was wonderfully dry. We brought a blanket to lounge on and I even worked on the doily a bit.

Lots of plans for the weekend. Santana's going to the vet tomorrow morning, then I've got to head up to Thetford, VT for a daylily sale at Hold'n Heaven. I go every year and her daylilies are the best. The. Best. She only sells on site a couple weekends a year and this is the last weekend. 

Blueberry season is starting and I might check out a pick-your-own farm in Hartland, VT.

It seems I'll have to do everything on Saturday because rain starts on Sunday and doesn't appear to stop until next Friday. I'm not complaining- we definitely need it. I plan on spending all my indoor time spinning wool.

I've been craving homemade bread and pizza- so I'll start a bucket of no-knead dough. I don't think I've had any dough going since before Memorial Day. Mmmmm, pizzaaaaaahhh.

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