[cooking] Raspberry Clafoutis

Went raspberry picking last weekend at a local farm:


It wasn't particularly easy breezy- I went first thing in the morning before the temp really got crazy but it was still a lot of crawling around and trying to look at the bushes from an upside down angle (to get the berries that most people miss). I was sweating buckets after a couple hours. 

Look at this cutie-patootie calve in a pen near the farm stand:


Back at home, all the berries I picked rinsed and spread on cookie sheets:

A gallon of raspberries. Clafoutis coming up...

75% went into the freezer (freeze them in a single layer on a cookie sheet, then transfer to a freezer bag once they're frozen- they stay nice and whole), some were set a side for my sister, some I set aside to add to yogurt for breakfast throughout the week, some were used for clafoutis:

Clah-foo-tee! #clafoutis #raspberries #raspberryclafoutis

Oh la la. A custard-y French dessert (normally made with cherries) that is mostly eggs with very little flour and sugar. Tasted very bright and "berry" delicious.

I picked these at Lincoln Farm in Bethel, VT. They have different varieties and will have pick-your-own through September (!!). It's best to check their Facebook page for address and hours; they stop doing pick-your-own periodically when the bushes have been picked over and need to wait a few days for the unripe berries to ripen.

Blueberry season has started and I might try a new pick-you-own farm in Hartland this weekend.

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