[vermont] Tunbridge Fair 2017

It's been nearly two weeks since I've posted. Things have been crrraaazzzy busy. First, getting things done and in order for the fair. I finished the baby blanket and had just enough time to block and dry:

Done and done and done and done. Dragon baby blanket washed and currently blocking. Hopefully it's dry by tomorrow afternoon. Oh my crippled hands. #knitting

I beyond love it. It was really a labor of love- the charts were immense, every single row was different and I had to keep track at all time of what I was doing and how things lined up. This was definitely not an auto-pilot project. The stitches on the dragon's body are different from the chest which are different from the wings which are different from the spikes, etc. The pattern makes great use of many textures. I've shown it to my sister but I'll be saving it until Christmas.

At the fair, the blanket received a 2nd place ribbon- the bottom seed-stitch border is a little narrower than the rest. Fine- you know, that IS true. You kind of have to have an eagle eye to see it but these judges are being judgey and they know what they're looking for. What DID hurt my feelings is that the blanket was folded and hung on a wire, hiding 80% of the pattern. I would have liked to see the blanket displayed so that the entire dragon could be seen- I think spectators would have liked that and it would have merited a few oohs and aahs. But display space is limited. ... But it still hurt my feelings. 

So I also made a chai-spiced pound cake to enter this year (baked in a castle bundt pan):

Chai spiced bundt castle cake to bring to the fair!

I didn't get to taste it, other than the batter pre-baked and the extra top (which became the bottom)- when I cut away some scraps to level it off. I later dried out the scraps and ground them up to have with an apple tart:

Apple tart with cake crumbs and vanilla ice cream. 🍎

This is just a pie crust in a shallow tart pan with some cinnamon sugar apple slices arranged in a pretty pattern. Served with the ground up chai cake crumbs and vanilla ice cream. 

A friend came to stay with me over the weekend for the fair- there were plenty of visits to the beer hall, some rides, lots of fair food, viewing the livestock cavalcade from the grandstand, visiting all the animals in the barns. We picked up all my entries Sunday night:

My ribbons from the fair this past weekend. Didn't enter as much as I have in the past. Better start working on next year's entries...

I've entered more stuff in the past but this year I started a new job and was super busy from Feb - June, which is primo knitting time. I'll still be just as busy next year during those months but hopefully I can manage time better.

Will be returning to the fairgrounds this weekend for the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. Can't wait to see all the pretty things!

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cristina said...

The blanket is great, no need to be sad for the 2nd ribbon. Life is not always fair, you know. You did a great job! Congratulations!