[cooking] Smorrebrod- with flowers

Made a colorful smorrebrod for supper:

Lunch. Toast with dill-caper remoulade. Beet pickled eggs, shrimp, beets. Topped with purslane leaves. Nasturtium flowers. This is how I'm using purslane from the CSA, @lunableufarm! #lunableufarm

Beet pickled eggs (I'm starting to scrape the bottom of the mason jar for these- they've been pickling for a while and you can see the color is starting to creep into the yolks), beets, mini shrimp, caper dill remoulade (fresh dill from the CSA!), purslane leaves dropped on top (also from the CSA- never had it before; it tastes lemony like wood sorrel) and nasturtium flowers (started from seed at home a while ago- love these peppery flowers- tastes like arugula!).

Is it Friday yet?


Hannah said...

Holy crap, that looks amazing! It looks like a spread out of KAF's Sift magazine. Seriously, Amy, you should open your own restaurant. I would totally eat there all the time.

amy said...

Thanks, Hannah! It was a very bright, colorful meal.