[quilting] Beginner's Block

This week I took a one-off class at the local Joann fabric store- Beginner's Quilting. Because I need a new hobby. First, I pulled out the old/new sewing machine.

I have a beginners quilting class tonight. Better figure how to use this thing. Given to me by my sister and it's brand new. Thanks @barbjstender! I'll pay you in marmalade tomorrow.

I think my mom bought it new in 2012, never used it, gave to to my sister who never used it and then gave it to me. It still had the factory twist ties around the electric cables. I showed Dollar and was like, "This sewing machine has literally never been used." I went through the manuals, figured out how to fill the bobbins, thread the needle, etc etc etc and I sewed a few lines on scrap fabric to adjust the tension. Then I brought it down to the store to use for class.

First, I went to pick out some fabric (dark, medium, light) and then we cut, sewed, pressed. I ended up with:

Not perfect but not bad for my first quilt square.

I added the extra orange border and I'll finish it at home as a little mat or blanket for the cats. 

I made a quilt top nearly 15 years ago. I literally have no recollection of making this. Yeah, maybe sewing all those colored squares rings a bell but I don't remember cutting fabric or sewing the border or... doing any of it, really. It's crazy. But I want a couple more charm quilts for the house. I bought packs of pre-cut fabric and the class I took was just to give me basic knowledge of measuring, piecing, sewing, pressing, etc. 

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