[misc] Murderface Tuesday

Murderface, my little Christmas helper...

Ho ho help me. 🎅
Ho ho help me

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We had dinner with family Saturday, Sunday and Monday with lots of gift giving/receiving. I'm honestly relieved it's over and I can do whatever crafty thing I feel like now. I spent a good portion of Monday morning putting away and organizing all my knitting needles, hooks and notions. I took interchangeables apart and put them away in proper cases. I put crochet hooks back into proper cases. I put books and pompom makers and patterns and thread and buttons and yarn away. I'm missing a couple DPN knitting needles... I suspect the couch swallowed them up. I only have a few remaining unfinished projects and I'll try to finish what I can in the next week- to start the new year fresh!

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cristina said...

Ho ho ho, Sweetface :)))