[cooking] Summer vegetables

As much as I love receiving CSA vegetables every week, it's kind of a chore trying to use them all up. Some things are eaten quickly- cucumbers I love to eat plain, potatoes get roasted, tomatoes/onion/cilantro are immediately turned into salsa. But things like zucchini and summer squash Dollar doesn't like, so I have to try to find either (1) new ways to prep them that he will enjoy (no joy thus far), or (2) a dish that uses everything up and I will have it for supper and take to work for lunch.

This week, I used a mandolin to slice zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes and onions. I layered them in a casserole dish:

Summer vegetables

I mixed up some eggs and milk and poured it over (for a crustless quiche) and baked. I added cheese on top for the last 15 minutes of baking. So what's not to like? Summer vegetables galore, eggs, cheese. It tasted good but was rather watery. I didn't salt any moisture out of the squash or squeeze pulp from the tomatoes. This idea needs refinement. 

Speaking of summer squash, the plants in the garden have started to produce these:

Tatume Squash

I think it's a tatume squash, called "calabacita" in Spanish. It seems like a popular item in Mexican cooking. I've found some interesting recipes online. The one I picked here is very young- I'll let them go to see how big/dark they get. It seems like an item you can consume either as summer squash or fall squash. We'll see.

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