[craft] Pinecone Lamp

I have a glass lamp from my grandmother. It remained empty for a long time because I couldn't figure what to put inside. A layer of sand with seashells on top seems like the standard thing to put into any glass container but I don't have any sand. I walked around the house with the bottle thinking, "What can I put in here? What can I put in here?"

This past spring I picked a basket of small pinecones:

Little pinecones

All the pinecones have been languishing in the garage, unloved and unused. I saw them and tried to slide one into the neck of the lamp. It was a perfect fit. The opening was just barely wide enough. The whole thing was obviously meant-to-be to I started pushing in pinecone after pinecone, trying not to think about how I'd ever get the dumb things out in the future. 

Stuffed an empty lamp full of small pine cones.

Easiest DIY project ever. In that- all I did was put some things inside something else.

I still have a ton of leftover pinecones. I'll probably spray paint them gold since I still have a most of a can leftover from the gold toy lamp. And everything looks better spray painted gold.

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