[gardening] New Plants

All the seedlings I planted are taking way too long to grow. I felt the need for new plants and picked up some perennials and annuals.

I bought 4 small ajuga plants at a local plant sale, which are already blooming:

Ajuga from local perennial sale.

Very pretty. I'm not sure I've seen ajuga before but I hope it does well and spreads.

I picked up two packs of dwarf asiatic lilies- 6 orange and 6 red. They seem to be doing well now- I hope they come back every year:

Added a dozen dwarf asiatic lilies. Blooming already.

I'd still like to find some tall asiatic lilies to add to part-shade areas.

Over in the succulent bed, I added a white variety:

Echeveria 'Lola'. I bought this because I wanted a white succulent and was assured it was a perennial. I checked the species online at home and it's only hardy to zone 9.

The tag said Echeveria 'Lola'. I asked and was told at the nursery that this will come back every year. When I got home and googled the variety, it's only hardy to a Zone 9. So, yeah, we'll see. I'm not going to dig this up and bring it in every winter. I'm just going to enjoy it this year and if it comes back, awesome. If not, oh well. I know that I won't be visiting this nursery again though. I bought several things and when the total came, I nearly barfed. Way over-priced when I can get perennials for free for much, much cheaper from local plant sales.

Some very small hens (only about the size of a quarter) laid teeny, tiny little chicks:

Hen and tiny chicks.

I love that these spread so prolifically. I've start giving these away once they fill up their current location.

And over in a small dappled-shade area, I planted two packs of coleus mixes- 12 different plants! I'm excited to see how this area looks as they grow.

#coleus mix.


Sue O said...

Oh my, Ajuga aka Bugleweed! It should spread! The question is will it spread only where you want it. I got ONE small plant years ago and now have spent the past few years trying to eradicate it from my lawn. It is in places I have NO idea how it got there. Hundreds of feet and with a house in between the original spot and the huge patches in the lawn. Was told that a chemical weed and feed would kill it, nope it seems to have just fed it! LOL I dig out hundreds of plants each year, bag them and toss with our trash pick-up, I joke each spring that I could be a zillionaire if I had sold them all for just $1 each. Good luck with yours.

amy said...

Thank you very much for the warning about this plant. I didn't read enough about it to be aware of how invasive it is! I will keep and eye on it this year and possibly move to another location next year. Right now it's in a mulched bed, so I should be able to see where it spreads to easily. I winter sowed Chinese Lanterns and after reading horror stories about how invasive that plant is, I'm keeping it to containers.

Sue O said...

Chinese Lanterns, Silver Dollar Plant, Ajuga! YIKES LOL Just make sure that the runners do not get to root (lift them often), when you do dig it up dig very carefully because even a bit of root will re-grow (like dog grass) and once the flower fades remove it because I swear the seed has wings!

Again, good luck with it, it is soooooo pretty when in bloom it is a shame it isn't easier to contain.