[cooking] For want of a wrapper the eggroll was lost

If there's anything my dad wants, it's eggrolls. So for Father's Day, the old man gets eggrolls. Because I'm a "wait until the last minute" type of person, I went shopping for the ingredients Saturday night. The grocery store had no large eggroll wrappers so I heaved a big sigh and got the small round ones, resigned to the fact that instead of making 30 large eggrolls, I'd have the back-breaking / finger-cramping work of making 300 smaller dumplings.

Made so many dumplings for Father's Day. Kind of relieved I only do this once a year. #mandu

The filling had to be chopped finer than usual because they were going to be in such smaller packages. My usual eggroll filling consists of:

- 1lb cooked ground pork
- 1/2 block firm tofu
- sauteed spinach
- 1/2 head cabbage
- shredded carrots
- bean sprouts
- scallions
- soy sauce
- ginger

All mixed together by hand. It's so good to eat by the spoonful as you're making all the dumplings. 

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