[vermont] Flowers around the house

After several days of grey skies and rain, it was nice yesterday evening so I went out to take pictures. The apple trees are loaded this year:

All the apple trees are loaded this year.

Some are rather large (for wild apples), so I'm picking some for a pie. I know they're ready because I can hear the occasional thump of an apple falling and hitting the ground.


I got a free bag of wildflower seed mix earlier this summer. I put them in a few spots, not expecting much, but the flowers have been so pretty! I love seeing all the different colors and types.




Look at this one. It's looking at me!

This flower... is watching me.  #spyflower

I don't know what I did wrong but this is the only hydrangea bloom I got this year:

#hydrangea ☀

I cut the entire bush back last fall. I don't think I will this year. 

Humongous hibiscus:

Luna white hibiscus. The blossoms are insanely large!

Some of these flower pictures are actually a couple weeks old. But this one I did take yesterday:

Day lilies still blooming. And I just picked a pint of blueberries. #summerforever #vermont

We're still having day lilies bloom! Is that normal? It seems late but it's awesome. The deer were coming and chomping off the unopened buds (damn youse deers!) and I started leaving Irish Spring soap shavings around the flowers. Boom, the day lilies made a come back. I don't know if the deer are more preoccupied with all the free apples everywhere but I'm happy they've gone away.

I also picked a pint of blueberries from my bushes. It's late for blueberries, too... right? But we're so high up on a mountain, everything at my house seems weeks behind everyone else.

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