[crochet] Pretty Pincushions

I don't have any pincushions and I realized that with some recent embroidery that I have been doing and cross-stitching that I want to be doing, I need to find a better place to put down my needles other than on the couch next to me.

I saw some cute patterns on Ravlery and fell in love with Naalepuder. But my Danish is rough non-existant and I can't decipher Google's translation of "killing stitches" and making "a game of real masks". Thankfully, someone did translate the pattern into english. Whew. And you know what?

It's hexagons! Hexa-frikkin-gons. By now I can make hexagons in my sleep!


Crochet two hexagons (I stopped when I had 60 st) and single crochet them together with the wrong side facing out. When I had 5 edges joined, I stuffed and then closed the last edge. Starting from the center, sew to the points of the hexagons and pull tight to the center again, around. Attached buttons with the two ends hanging out from the center.

And wah-lah:


I gave the green one to my sister and I kept the blue one. I loved adding the buttons. I have a small stash of random buttons and this is exactly why everyone needs a small stash of random buttons- you never know when you're going to need a cute little maple leaf or clear blue ball.

I used one ball of Noro Kureyon to make these two (with enough yarn leftover to make another slightly smaller pincushion). Surprisingly, these were a little more trouble to make than I thought they'd be. Some hints that you might find helpful:

- If you're going to use the magic circle to start these hexagons, don't pull the foundation circle tight. Leave yourself a hole the size of a small lentil. It will be easier to sew through and it will be covered with a button on either side when you're done.

- Don't over-fill or under-fill with stuffing. Duh, I know. But the blue one ended up kind of over-stuffed and the green one ended up a little under-stuffed.

- Don't fill it up solid with stuffing. What worked for me was to form my polyfill into a fluffy white snake, pinch the empty pincushion in the middle with one hand and push/poke/fill the filling around the outside of the pincushion with the other hand. Like, I'm filling up a doughnut or something. Avoid getting much polyfill in the middle because it's hard to sew through and you need the negative space to draw in.

- Use a cotton (or hemp or linen or multi-plied silk) to sew the petals with. Something strong. I tried using a double stand of Noro to pull tight and I broke the yarn. When I was sewing the yarn around and pulling tight to draw in the petals, I was pulling tiiiiiiiiight. It probably doesn't need to be that difficult- maybe the pincushion was overfilled or I crocheted the hexagons too densely. Doing this finishing shouldn't be like working out with a Bowflex, I know. Maybe the next time I make these, I'll take a hot bubble bath and drink wine by candlelight first. I need to relaaaaax.

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