[misc] Happy 2012!

Happy New Year! I had a nice, long vacation which I spent doing... uh... doing... what did I do? Not any of the house stuff that I had planned (painting, sanding, staining). I knit a lot and started weaving.

WEAVING IS SO HARD. SRSLY. No one told me that 60 - 70% of weaving is prep work and set-up. The actual weaving, passing the shed and beating it down, is after hours and hours of measuring, threading, warping, drinking, taking a break by watching an episode of Entourage and eating chocolate. You have to ask yourself, "You know what I'd like to do 8 hours from now after non-stop, painstaking fussy work? Weave."

Siiigh. The upside to this is that once you actually sit down to weave, the project moves along quickly. I made a little table runner/dresser scarf and just started a simple scarf.

My new year's resolution (more like a 2012 challenge) is to knit 50% of all my projects with my handspun. My handspun is accumulating and I'm not putting it to any use. So. I started a pair of mittens and they are turning out omg so cute with my own handspun.

It was nice having a week off to hang out with the kitties. Santana, who's the meanest B-word in house, was really sweet and cuddly all week.


Penny's growth makes me sad. I didn't take enough pictures of her as an itty-bitty-stinky behbeh kitten. 


Murderface is a good boy as always. So handsome. So sweet. The best kitty ever.


Got to take pictures of all the recent and current projects...

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gayle said...

Happy New Year to you, too!
Good luck with the weaving. That's a rabbithole I'm trying not to fall down... It looks like fun, but oh my, yes, a lot of work!