[knitting] Purple Handspun Hat

More handspun knitting! (It helps that I wound 4 various skeins of my handspun all at once- and I can't use them up fast enough.)

Handspun hat

The fiber originally looked like:

Purple Batt

Fiber by DyakCraft (formerly Grafton Fibers).

I spun it into a bulky single ply:

Dyak Craft Corriedale Batt

Love this hat but the rinky-dink pom pom is... unsatisfactory. I used my largest pom pom maker and it only ended up being about 2 - 2.5 inches across. What I really want is a 4 - 5 inch pom pom. The only tool that I found that looks like it fits the bill is this Clover X-Large pom pom maker but c'mon... $11.50 for one pom pom maker. I need to find it cheaper somewhere else...


gayle said...

Make your own pompom maker from cardboard... You could have any size you want!

iliana said...

I love Love LOVE Linda's delicious batts. I can't wait until I unpack enough to find my drop spindle.