[spinning] DyakCraft Batt

I've had this batt in my stash for a couple years (purchased from DyakCraft (when it was still called Grafton Fibers) at one of the Green Mountain Fiber Festivals):

Purple Batt

Purple Batt

Needing some instant gratification, I grabbed it one weekend morning and decided to spin it as a bulky single. I only ripped the batt into 6 or 8 pieces and spun thick. In under two hours I had:

Dyak Craft Corriedale Batt

I skeined the yarn and gave it a nice, hot, soapy wash and agitated it a bit to promote felting. I didn't shock it in cold water after, which I might do next time. But I love how it turned out:

Dyak Craft  Corriedale Batt

So easy! DyakCraft isn't making any batts at the moment but once they become available, I'd happily buy more just to have on hand for quick spinning like this.

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Sara said...

That is beautiful! Love the color.