[knitting] Back to the grind

The knitting olympics are over and I was able to make one project. More on that tomorrow.

I've gone back to working on a shawl made of fan motifs:

Handspun Fan Shawl

I haven't worked on this thing since early January. It's suuuuuuch a pain in the ass. It's pretty and soft and I'm even using my own handspun:


But this is lace-weight and I really don't like working with anything finer than fingering-weight. The yarn just feels too thin and delicate in my hands. But I'm forcing myself to do at least one fan per day. Which means I would finish this before the end of the month. Pleeeeeeease let me finish before the end of the month.


Joansie said...

It's really beautiful. I understand the difficulty as I knitted a pair of "Flamin Fan" mittens on size 1 needles and I'll never knit another pair. They are gorgeous but once was enough. Can't wait to see your finished shawl.

gayle said...

I can't wait to see what that looks like blocked out!
But it does indeed look like a pain in the butt to knit...