[hiking] Crossingham Road Farm Trails

Saturday was another good day for a hike. I went to Crossingham Road Farm Trails in Norwich, VT. It's > 4 miles of trails used by cross-country skiers a lot in the winter. The trails are wide and winding:

Crossingham Road Farm Trails

I've noticed that as I go stomping through the woods like a Clydesdale, the trails feel hollow underfoot. That's the frost heaves still present. I happened to catch a nice cross section. Here you can see some of the ice, just below center:

Crossingham Road Farm Trails

I got down for a better look:

Crossingham Road Farm Trails

Cool. It was melting fast in the warm sunshine.

This was a nice trail. It's well posted and there are lots of different trails and shortcuts to take.

Crossingham Road Farm Trails

On the way back to the car, walking on a class 4 road, I stepped unto some mud sucking quicksand and nearly lost my left shoe. Some parts of the trail were really muddy. Well, I didn't know that you shouldn't hike during mud season. Oops. I've been staying around the Upper Valley (lower elevations) and the trails I've been on have only had patches of mud here and there.

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Ren said...

That's really cool. I've never even heard of frost heaves before. Growing up in California, we were thrilled when we'd get a snow day for two feet of snow. LOL.

Your blog is beautiful and very interesting.