[travel] Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

The Hall of Fame and Museum was great. Here's the entrance:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The admission is a little much ($22), but I was there for nearly 4 hours. No pictures were allowed. Boo. Hiss. But it's part of the agreement that the museum has with the artists who donate the goods so... What can you do?

The lower level has all kind of exhibits: The Roots of Rock and Roll, Legends of Rock and Roll, special areas just for Elvis, The Beatles, Hip-Hop, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, The Rolling Stones. There are artifacts galore. Posters, clothing, guitars, etc. I saw... a million things. It was really cool to see Michael Jackson's stuff- the Thriller jacket, the outfit he wore in the Bad video, and... wait for it... the sparkly glove.

So after hours on the lower lever, I headed up. There are 6 different levels with more exhibits. One area features Les Paul and the new guitars he invented. I went out onto a deck that overlooked Lake Erie:

Lake Erie

I did sneak some pictures out here:


Rock and Roll Byrds.


The top levels had the special exhibit on Bruce Springsteen. It was cool. There were lots of journal pages with song lyrics hand written. Some clothes- the blue jeans, white tee shirt with rolled-up sleeves and red baseball cap from the Born in the USA cover.

I did get to see a 63 minute video in a comfy three-screened theater that combined film footage, music, interviews, animation and still photography to tell the story of ALL the Hall of Fame inductees. One funny part was when the movie showed a letter they got from the Sex Pistols that basically said, "F-you, you're still a corporation, we're not coming." :) That's punk rock.

It is a corporation, though. I don't particularly understand why the admission is so much and when you're ready to leave, the only escalator out leads to the gift shop. You'd have to navigate through the gift shop to get out.

All in all, though, it was very good and I think Dollar and I should fly out for a day trip.

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