[travel] Cleveland, OH

I'm in downtown Cleveland this week. The weather here has been off and on rain, so I've no pictures to show, but it's pretty nice. There are some really old buildings and lots of parks.

On my first day here, I saw lots of people in my hotel lobby using sign language to one another. I figured that there must be some kind of deaf person's conference in the building. Later, because my life is like a never-ending sitcom, I was in the back of an elevator riding with other people and when the doors opened at my floor, I tried to step out. Before I could, a woman in the elevator stepped in front of me to sign to the person out in the hall. I stupidly tried saying "Excuse me" over and over again, one man on the outside steps up and starts signing at the woman in front of me, the two woman are signing to each other... I eventually got out of the elevator but... it was just funny.

Went to see Adrian Belew last night at the Grog Shop. It was... Experimental. I described the experience to someone as "it was like seeing your uncle Stan making noise on his expensive, limited edition guitar." I think the music just wasn't for me. The drummer was quite good, I thought. After the show, some of the kids hanging around outside were nice enough to call a cab for me since there were none around.

I'm going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this afternoon/evening. No pictures allowed, which totally sucks, but I'm excited to see all the artifacts.

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Sara said...

Oh, have fun! Have a great time...