[spinning] Tour de Fleece... So Far

I have some Tour de Fleece spinning to show! I bought a bag of 100% alpaca from Fantom Farm at last year's Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival...

Fantom Farms 100% Alpaca

I didn't spin it for a very long time because it's 100% alpaca and quite slippery. Turns out, it was quite easy and fast once I got the right ratio on my wheel...

Alpaca Handspun

Alpaca Handspun

I also finished 8 oz. of merino from Frabjous Fibers (colorway = redwood forest)...


I made it all into worsted/bulky low-twist singles...

Merino Singles

Those two spinning projects were quite fast, only taking a few days each to complete. I've spent more than a week on this stuff:

Ashland Bay Merino Top

8 oz of Ashland Bay Merino (colorway = mojave). I'm filling up two bobbins, trying to make a worsted weight two-ply when all is said and done.

Before starting TdF, I set aside all the fiber I wanted to complete. It's all of the above, plus:

Chameleon Colorworks Optim

Foxfire Border Leicester & Mohair

Grafton Fibers Batts

Hmmm... Think I can do it all by Sunday, July 26?

(By the way, I'm going to be out of town and unable to spin next week.)

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gayle said...

Oooooooo.... Such a lot of pretties! Both fiber and yarn!
I'm doing TdF, but trudging along doing merino laceweight. So far I've got one bobbin of singles, and have started the second. Sloooow...