[knitting] Mouse Mat for Cat

I finished a mouse pad for Murderface:

Mouse Mat for Cat

Pattern: Mouse Mat for Cat from Pet Heaven: The Animal Accessory Bible

Needles: US 11

Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted, gray, two balls (yarn held double throughout the project)

Does he use it? Not really, he'll walk a wide circle around it when it's on the floor. I tried wiggling the butt of the mouse in front of him...

Mouse Mat for Cat

He attacked it for a bit but got bored...

Mouse Mat for Cat

Maybe it's just too hot. I'm hoping he'll use it more this fall and winter.

I went ahead and added a few of the remaining details...

Mouse Mat - With face!

I might make the catnip stuffed ears someday but the cat's lack of interest is kind of demotivating.

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gayle said...

You know he'd be all over it if it was for you, and you were just trying to take photos.
Try cuddling it yourself, so he thinks it's yours. Then he'll be stealing it and running off...