[knitting] June Hat Club

Here are the finished Selbu Moderns that people brought to Hat Club last Tuesday:

Hat Club hats

Hat Club hats

Hat Club hats

Hat Club hats

Hat Club hats

As you can see, the hat can go from beanie shaped to slouchy beret depending on what yarn you use and your needle size.

Here's my finished hat:

Hat Club hats

I started another one but it needs to be ripped:

Selbu Boo

I call it Selboo. The contrasting yarn I'm using against the black is a sock yarn that self-stripes. The picture doesn't accurately show how the lines of color (especially that yellow) distract from the stranded pattern. It's going to be a pain in the butt to rip (from weaving all the floats), but I'll do it some night when I'm exceptionally bored.

Speaking of hats, I've reduced the number of hats I have by at least half. This past weekend we had 4th of July stuff going on with Dollar's family and I brought a brown paper bag full of hats that I've made over the years. I regularly only wear 2 or 3 different hats in the winter, so all my Hat Club hats were simply laying unloved in a drawer.

I brought hats that were too tall for me, too short for me, hats that looked weird on me. I set them out and people took what they liked. I've decided that I'll start making Hat Club hats in masculine colors and let Dollar keep what he likes. Anything he doesn't want will go into the annual Sac o' Hats, so there will be lots for both the women and men folk. (This year's Sac o' Hats was definitely female-centric in shapes and colors.)


Shelby said...

So pretty!!

I love the idea of the self-striping contrast yarn in your last hat there, but you're right, the yellow stripes really draw the eye and are distracting. Maybe a self-striping yarn with wider stripes? I'm knitting some socks out of that Melody yarn (JoJoLand, I think the brand is?) that I got at WRY, and it seems to have a pretty thick striping pattern to it. Maybe that would work? It's fingering weight, though...you might have to double it...or knit the Endless Hat of Epic Doom...

OR...you could dye your own self-striping yarn for the hat! OOOh, project within a project!! :D

Joansie said...

The hats are gorgeous!

gayle said...

I love to see how the same pattern turns out with different knitters.
And I think Shelby is on to something with the dyeing project!