[knitting] Hat Club

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of hats this month, given it's the middle of summer and who wants to knit winter hats? We all did, apparently.

The chosen pattern was Cap Karma.

Here's mine:

Amy's Cap Karma


Lois' Cap Karma


Janet's Cap Karma


Linda's Cap Karma


Tammy's Cap Karma

On top of that, there were even more cable hats:

My Staggering Cables Hat:

Amy's Staggering Cables


Lois' Staggering Cables

Janet's Dean Street:

Janet's Dean Street

And my Elizabeth Hat:

Amy's Elizabeth

And here's a swatch that Lois did for a reversible cable scarf:

Reversable Cable Swatch

It might be hard to tell but the right side of the swatch is folded toward the middle, so you can see there really truly are neat cables on both sides. Amazing.

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gayle said...

Hat Club is such a neat idea! I always enjoy seeing what you're up to this month.
Reversible cables are just magic, aren't they? I knit a scarf using them, and was enchanted with it every time I cabled.