[travel] Washington DC - Better stick with beer

Long time, no blog. I spent last week in DC for work and had a nice time.

Almost every night started at RFD (which we constantly referred as "Beers of the World". Check out the beer list. And that doesn't include a double-sided page with 40 different bottles and 40 different drafts that change every month. I had a raspberry lambic that came in a small wine glass. Really, it was an oversized shot of beer. But nummy. I had an apple Belgian beer. Very good. Then a bottle of Lucifer. The next night I decided to stick with one beer: WEIHENSTEPHAN Hefe Weiss. The bar was crowded and I had to shout my order which came out as a very uncertain and incorrect "Weis-en-vise-en Heff-eh-vise-en!" Thank god the bartender could decipher what I was asking for.

We went to an upscale Mexican place for dinner one night. There were seven people in our party and we started by asking for three orders of guacamole for the table. The guacamole guy came out and prepared it at the table and it was very nice. I then looked back at the menu and told one of my co-workers, "Did you know that those three orders of guacamole cost thirty-six dollars?" Which I thought was highway robbery but whatever. I'm the cheapskate at the table who thinks that thirty-six dollars for guacamole is crazy and too much money to spend. The guacamole was good but not THAT good.

The next night we went to a mezze place and you know what? I didn't really like it. Everyone from my work that goes to DC a lot kept telling me to go to this place- go to this place! There were five of us and I think we ordered something like fourteen items to share. I think I only liked three. Which is disappointing because since we were all sharing everything, I got eleven bites of things I didn't really like and three bites of things I did. The sirloin was too chewy, the lamb didn't taste lamby, the chicken was dry, etc etc.

So with all this eating out and getting ripped off, it was really nice to come back home and cook something simple.

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