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Where did the weekend go? I woke up this morning moaning, "Nooooo. Nooooo. I don't want to go to work."

Last Thursday night I wasn't home alone like I thought I would be- my sister came down to work on her drawings while I knit and watched Angel. Also, Dollar's mother stopped by to drop off THE most BEAUTIFUL poinsettia I've ever seen. She got it at a special poinsettia place in Newport, NH. You know those puny, half-dead poinsettias at the grocery store? THIS is the poinsettia those poinsettias aspire to be. It's easily two feet tall and the flower heads are as wide across as large dinner plates, but I digress.

Friday Dollar was working the night shift so I really was home alone. My mother called and asked if I wanted to go shopping on Saturday. Um... Um... I actually wanted to spend the morning with Dollar after not really seeing him for a couple days but shopping with my mom is like winning the lottery, so... Um... Okay. She said she'd pick me up at 7 am.


I got up at my regular going-to-work time on Saturday morning, said good-bye to Dollar and came downstairs to see my mother peering through the glass of my front door at 6:50 am. We went down to Manchester, NH, shopped till we dropped, stopped into a Korean Food Store for supplies, and were back home in the Upper Valley by 2:30 pm.

I greeted Dollar and his brother (who had just arrived home for the holidays) and called my sister to have her come with me to get a Christmas tree.

That very same night we made the long haul down to Claremont to see The Golden Compass. This was a great movie and I've since pulled out the trilogy to re-read.

Since Saturday was a full tilt 6 am to 12 am day, all I wanted to do Sunday was nothing. Maybe have a leisurely cup of coffee. Knit more on the socks. Watch some Angel. ... That's about it. I managed a few chores but the big thing was decorating the tree.

Getting Dollar to decorate a Christmas tree is like getting a vegan to butcher a cow. The situation is very, "This has nothing to do with me. I hate this, why are you making me do it?" He sees this time of year as blatant consumer gluttony and he hates feeling obligated to buy stuff. Me, I see it as a time to give presents to people I love. We go around and around in circles on this. It's a holiday that he's personally not interested in but is forced to participate in.

So we decorate the tree and I tip toe around him like I'm in the middle of a minefield. I don't say, "Oh my god, like how much fun are we having right now?" because I know what the answer will be. Instead, I take out the Star Wars ornaments for him to hang. I have him help me put the Mr. and Mrs. Claus ornaments in a decidedly x-rated position. I let him do what he wants- like placing a Japanese lantern ornament on top of the tree instead of a star. WTF? I think he did the same thing last year.

We turn off the downstairs lights and admire the tree in the dark. It's a hodge-podge of confusing lights and old ghetto ornaments, but it's ours. We go upstairs and I play a game of Catan on the Xbox (I'm so addicted to this game it's a little sad) and then crash into bed. A minute later the alarm goes off and I started moaning, "Nooooo. Nooooo. I don't want to go to work."

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Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere you didn't go? Busy busy girl.
Oh, and I once helped package some just butchered beef. Well, by help I mean rip wax paper for them. :-)
I'm torn on Christmas. I do think it's been way over comericialised, and that some people go way over the line, but then on the flip side... I love giving people gifts. I really do. I don't do random gifts, I buy with a desire to give the receipient a "wow" gift. Again, on the down side, that sometimes proves to be a depressing undertaking.