[amy] Weekend

It's rainy and dreary. I didn't even change out of my pj's yesterday. I've been glued to Viva Pinata. Dollar liked the look of it so much that he started his own garden last night. He says he's already a level 10 gardener, which I think is crap because he's only played for a few hours. I've devoted at least 15 hours (I know, I know) to the game and I'm only a level 13. Something's fishy here...

I've been cooking with natural chicken recently- chicken stir fry, chicken fried rice, chicken fajitas. My mom dropped off a load of tomatoes from her garden, so I'm going to make (and freeze) lots of fresh tomato sauce for pastas.

I went to the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival with my sister on Saturday. It was meh. I didn't buy any yarn because I don't need any more freaking yarn. I didn't buy any of the fiber because I have no spinning wheel. We saw some llamas, a border collie herding demonstration, and a bunch of cuuuuute bunnies.

I just got an email with the events for this year's Carnage Con. I had such a fun time at this convention last year- I can't wait for this year! I'm planning on signing up for one or two role-playing games and the rest will be boardgames. If you've never been, you should go. They have such a great set-up: games, food, movies, and vendors.

Made it through the first season of Buffy. Dollar and I have been all over season 1 of Heroes. I love love love it with the same ardor as LOST.


Shelby said...

re: not needing any more yarn - dude, TELL me about it. I've been pulling stuff out of the stash to use for random hats and mittens for christmas gifts, just to get rid of some stuff so I can buy other, prettier stuff...;)

re: carnage - I really want to go this year, since it IS in my town and all. Thing is, I don't know how to play any of the games, really. Do you still do the uvGames club at all?

amy said...

I was planning on setting up a game day soon, but the nice thing about carnage is that a lot of the games say "beginners welcome". I go specifically to play games I haven't before- just to see if I like them and would want to buy them.

Shelby said...

Cool...I have no excuse, then!