[amy] Do More

It's fall! It's September and it feels like fall! I love it. The temperature is dropping, foliage will peek in a month, my birthday is coming up and we just had a long holiday weekend. Things couldn't be going better.


I started seaming Starsky over the weekend. Just one arm left to go, then weaving in ends, then buttons, then re-soak/re-block (to see if I can shorten the sleeves- I don't have extra long ape-like arms).

The secret lace project is nearing the end. I started another spiral petal dishcloth. I've decided to keep a knitting project downstairs (lace), and another upstairs in the bedroom (dishcloth).

[video games]

This weekend we got an Xbox 360. It's the zephyr model, not the new falcon one. I got a store warranty so if the thing overheats and craps out over the next two years, we can replace it for free. We played a little bit of Gears of War in co-op mode but it's mostly been the dreaded Guitar Hero II. I told a certain someone to wait until Guitar Hero III comes out so that he can get a Gibson Les Paul guitar, but he doesn't understand the concept of waiting.

[board games]

You'd think we would be playing the 360 non-stop but we keep pulling out Jambo. In this game, you have a market stand and buy/sell wares (e.g. tea, salt, silk). You have utilities (e.g. drums, mask of transformation, throne), people cards (e.g. shaman, tribal elder, guard) and animals cards (e.g. lion, elephant, parrot) that either help or hinder your game. Very fun 2-player game. (I suggest ordering from Game Surplus online- very good prices, very fast service).

We've also recently played For Sale (funny real estate game where the houses range from a filthy cardboard box in an alley to a space-station), Bang! (why am I always the sheriff?), and Shadows Over Camelot (why am I always accused of being the traitor when I'm not?). I recently got Puerto Rico and need to sort out the rules for that this week.


Just picked up the first season of Buffy for $15. Got the first season of Dexter and Heroes on the way. Also, I just got a couple movies from Netflix, so there's plenty to watch. We started Afro Samurai last night. This anime series isn't for kids- lots of adult language, graphic violence and adult... situations.


Made baby back ribs this past Saturday using this recipe. I started them at 4 pm and we weren't eating until almost 9 pm. But they were SO worth it.

I'm trying to vaguely adhere to the September localvore challenge. I went to the Norwich farmer's market on Saturday (seriously, could it be any more of a cluster f**k here? I hate saying that about a farmer's market but the parking situation needs to be sorted out to avoid the gridlock) and got acorn squash, potatoes, salsa, ground beef and cut flowers. The ground beef was turned into tacos (okay, the taco shells weren't local). My mother dropped off some tomatoes from her garden, so that'll make a nice fresh sauce for ravioli tonight (okay, the ravioli's not local either).

I'd say I cook/eat 50% local. My dried pasta, rice, orange juice, coffee, etc aren't local but I try to keep my vegetables, meats and dairy local.

Sometime soon I've got to scour and re-season a rusty cast iron pan. Dollar wants cornbread. I don't think I have the discipline to maintain a well seasoned cast iron pan (how do you think it got so rusty in the first place?), but I'll try...

[upcoming events]

Vermont Sheep and Wool this weekend.
Tunbridge Fair next weekend.
Megadeth concert at the end of the month.


Valerie said...

hey - happy fall! when you're ready for buffy seasons 4-6, i've got 'em!

Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday!
Any big plans for it, or do you usher it in as a "normal" day?

amy said...

I always take the day off work, but this year it happens to fall on a Saturday. So I'm taking Friday off work to make it a long weekend.

I have no plans per se, but last year Dollar planned a day, so I'm hoping he'll do the same this year.