[knitting] Tasks

Block sleeves:


Cotton-Ease socks:

Done. I gifted them to Dollar Friday night. He wore them all day Saturday. I love seeing socks I knit on his feet. This yarn was great- cool to the touch with nice stitch definition and drape.

As for the round dishcloth... I opted to cast-on for another pair of Cotton-Ease socks instead:



sarah b. said...

Sorry to use your comments to reply to your comment on my blog, but my blog isn't sending me email info on folks! Anyway, on the dishcloths, I used size 7's and the green one is bigger because I cast on 21 for it (as the pattern states) and cast on only 18 for the other one to make it smaller. Hope this helps! It's a really fun and quick pattern!

Anonymous said...

Love the Cotton Ease socks! I'm going to have to get some of that for my wool allergic friend! I keep seeing it but hadn't heard of anyone actually knitting with it! Now I know ;)