[knitting] Starsky- Shawl Collar (with mods)

I finished knitting the shawl collar of Starsky:

The first things you might notice are the holes in the front. I added 4 double-yarnover button holes. I don't want to do the belt thing and I've liked the other buttoned versions I've seen. We'll see if these holes are too big or get too loose for the buttons- I can always reinforce and tighten the holes a smidge.

What might not be as obvious is the collar- it's longer than originally written. I noticed (as had others) that a 6 inch collar (measured at the back of the neck) wasn't enough collar for the larger sizes. Jordana page explained how to lengthen it into an 8 inch collar in the Craftster Starsky Knitalong thread. So I did.

After I bound off the collar, I immediately put it on (I have the sides pinned shut) and rocked out in a most ridiculous manner- as one can only do when one is wearing a tank top and shorts in humid summer weather, and then dons a sleeveless wool sweater.

Next, blocking the sleeves. Dollar is going to Middle Earth Music Hall tonight to check out Open Mic, so I hope I can block them while Mr. Distraction isn't around.

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Erin said...

Trying on a sweater in the middle of summer... ah, the things we do for our knitting!