[news] News from the Upper Valley

Turns out, while I was book shopping yesterday after work, an abandoned diner 100 feet from my house exploded. I check my cell phone when I got back to my car and there's a message from my sister. She was up at her house and heard a big boom. She looked out her big picture window and saw smoke coming up from my house. I'm listening, like "What the- Oh my- Did I leave the heat on? What- What- What-" I call her and she's like, "Oh, it's just the Hartford Diner."

Shit, that place was an eye-sore anyway but the cops think the explosion is "suspicious." My neighbor, who was at work at the time, asked me where I was at the time of the incident. Ha, I had already thought of this and showed him my book reciept, placing me at the bookstore at the time when things went down. No way the coppers are gonna pin this on me.

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Or so you think...
The beauty of the Patriot Act is that they can now legally pin anything they want on anyone they want at any time they want. Send me a postcard from Gitmo.