[amy] Two of my favorite things: Food, Art

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I had Columbus Day off, which I guess isn’t too politically correct but, hey, it’s a government holiday. So what did I do over the long weekend? Yeah… not too much. On Friday night I went to a private opening for a new restaurant in town: The Painted Table. All the tables are painted by local artists and then covered with a protective gloss. Barbara and Jason each did a table. She did really cool one showing stemware filled with water and drops of food coloring starting to dissolve in them and Jason did a smoky gray railroad image. Very cool. When we got there, the artists were mingling with their guests (Barbara brought me and Jason brought Ryan) and walking around, looking at all the tables. It was like a museum. People painted all kinds of things: an oil painting-esque still life, many landscapes, an art deco design, a koi pond, etc. One woman that Barbara works with did, in my opinion, the best table but that’s because I have the mentality of a ten-year-old. It’s a cartoony but intricate underwater scene with all kinds of Disney/Pixar characters in it. I stood looking at the table and then starting pointing, saying, “There’s Nimo! And The Little Mermaid! And The Little Mermaid’s dad! And that fish from Finding Nimo, the one that Dennis Leary did the voice for! The one with the scar down his- Holy Crap! This table rocks!” The food was very good and I think I might go this coming weekend…

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