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I read two trade paperbacks this weekend Sleeper: Out in the Cold and Sleeper: All False Moves. This series literally blew my mind out the back of my head and since I'm not thinking clearly, I'll post what's written on Ed Brubaker's site:

"Secret Agent Holden Carver is a man on a mission -- only nobody left alive seems to know it.

Holden Carver is part of a world-spanning secret organization headed by Tao, super-manipulator and ruthless criminal mastermind. He is also a sleeper agent, forced into a world of evil and treachery by master spy John Lynch, who now lies in an irreversible coma, the only living soul able to bear witness that Carver is actually one of the good guys. Now, ensnared in an ongoing game of cat and mouse, every day is a challenge for Holden to evade detection by those who think he is an ally, avoid capture from those who believe he is a traitor, and somehow survive with his soul intact.

What's a spy to do when no one knows he's been left out in the cold?"

"A perfectly paranoid super-powered espionage tale" -- Entertainment Weekly

"Smart, cool and cruelly funny. Brubaker finds dozens of ways to use the metaphorical force of superhero comics to feed the spy story that underlies this tale... Phillips' shadowy art is far more noir than heroic slick." -- Publisher's Weekly

"Noirish, twisted, unexpected, an anti-hero for a hero, and just damn good on top of all of that. It's rare that a comic book can bust all the conventions of a genre. With SLEEPER, Brubaker and Phillips have shattered them into itty-bitty pieces." -- John Ridley, writer of Three Kings

"Quite possibly the most underrated title on the racks today... SLEEPER delivers non-stop entertainment from cover to cover." -- Wizard Magazine

"SLEEPER is to comics what the Sopranos was to TV, a breath of fresh air and a look at a familiar genre with a whole new pair of eyes." --

"...Certainly the best series to hit the shelves since Preacher made its debut... I think it's safe to say that Sleeper can take its place among the best comic books. Of all time." -- Aint it Cool News

* * * * *

What happened was, I’d been trying to get this trade off Tom at the Funnybook Factory for a while now. Every time I went in to get it, it was sold out because Tom was pushing it on everyone who walking into his shop. Even the one he had reserved for me and placed inside my in-store holding box was sold to someone else while I was out of town for work. I didn’t get too pissed off about it because even though Tom said he’d give me his satisfaction guarantee, the whole Preacher fiasco left a bad taste in my mouth. I thought, “Well, it Tom thinks it’s that good, it must be raunchy, perverted and violent garbage.”

I finally went to get the first trade of season one on Friday. Tom was coming over to the house that night to play Halo and said jokingly, as he was ringing up by purchases, “I expect a review of this by the time I come over.” Sure, whatever. I’ll get to it when I get to it. At home, I read through Y: The Last Man #24 and The Witching #1 first and toyed with Bear #5 before picking up Sleeper: Out in the Cold. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. It’s got violence, sex, superheroes and villains. The Funnybook Factory closes at 8pm; by 7:30pm, I was calling the shop…

DOUG: Funnybook Factory.
AMY: Tom?
DOUG: No, this is Doug.
AMY: Oh, hi Doug. It’s Amy.
DOUG: Hey Amy.
AMY: When you and Tom come over, can you tell Tom to bring volume two of Sleeper. I’ll pay him when he gets here.
DOUG: Sure.
AMY: … Don’t forget to tell him, okay? Bring volume two.
DOUG: Okay.
AMY: I got the money here. If he forgets, I’ll kill him. I’ll KILL him.
DOUG: Jesus, all right. He’ll bring it.
AMY: Okay, thanks. Bye.

Yeah, it’s that good.

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