[books] More reading material, please

Yea! A new July issue of BookPage is out. Some highlights:

Are you as sick of the shitty chick lit books as me? Eric Garcia (author of the Anonymous Rex series) is coming out with an anti-chick lit satire enitled Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys.

"The theme of so many of these chick-lit books seems to be, I am this woman who deserves something great and here are these men who are . . . good, not great. They're not what I want them to be but. . . . And they tend to spend the next 300 pages of the book or 90 minutes of the movie sort of whining about it. I'm like, that's just not a strong character. Who wants to hear somebody whine for that long? So I thought, what would a stronger-willed character do?"

Apparently, a stronger-willed character keeps men handcuffed to cots in her basement... Sounds all right to me.

But then, what the hell? There's a list of new chick-lit books out.

For the young adult, there's The Game of Sunken Places by M.T. Anderson. I'd like to read it for three reasons: (1) Inspired (in part) by The Chronicles of Narnia, (2) this is the same author who wrote Feed and (3) the book takes place in Vermont.

International books of mystery.

All of it looks good. Start reading... NOW!

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