War: Then and Now

I saw Troy this past weekend and I thought it was really good. People complain about how long it is (2 hrs, 43 mins) but I thought the time went by fast. I read the Cliffs Notes for Homer’s The Iliad before I saw it (because I’ve never read the text and there wasn’t going to be time to). All the characters were great: Achilles was petulant, Hector was honorable, Paris was a scrawny jerk-off (played by the scrawny jerk-off Orlando Bloom). Menelaus wants his bother, Agamemnon, to go to war with Troy to get his wife back. Later in the movie, Agamemnon tells his brother that he doesn’t care about his brother’s wife and only wants to take over Troy.

Now let’s called Troy “Iraq” and Agamemnon can be“Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/etc.” It’s kind of like what’s going on now, no? The American people wanted to go after Osama but the Bush administration said, “Hey, let’s use this opportunity [read: 9/11] to take care of Iraq. Hussein’s been doing his own thing for a while now and you know how much we fucking hate it when people are doing their own thing and not our thing.” This is what makes the story of Troy timeless.

I saw a DVD this weekend that Jason got for ten bucks. The general theme of the cover was anti-Bush and that’s enough reason to buy it. I thought it was just going to be some anti-Bush music videos or something. It ended up being one of the most informative pieces of multi-media I’ve seen on what’s going on in the Middle East and how we (Americans) were all lied to. Its news clips, interviews, music, commercials and comedians. One expert says (not exact quote): Tying the American feelings of 9/11 to Iraq, which is something completely different, was highly effective and completely immoral. It felt like someone punched me in the stomach.

And this is something I’ve never understood and no one can give me a clear answer: Why did we invade Iraq instead of going after and catching Osama? In the end, we dragged him out of a hole in the ground and people were like, “Ha ha! We got him!” Great. That’s great but he’s not the one responsible for 9/11. Can we please just get those fuckers first?

Okay, the "DVD" is actually a music album: Rock Against Bush. I haven't listened to any of the music, so I can't comment on that, but there are lots of informative extras that make it worth the $7.99.


Anonymous said...

In light of that, here's a book you may want to check out. My dad gave me a copy and I've been reading it:


amy said...

After reading a couple of the reviews, I am very interested in this book now. I rarely read non-fiction but this would be a good one (and will probably give me nightmares). Thanks, Diana.