Home is So Much Better

I’m in Los Angeles this week and won’t be returning to the U.S. until this Saturday. My days are taken up with work (which I why I’m here) but my nights are spent watching bad t.v. in my hotel room. Jesus, The Swan? Have you heard the premise for this reality show/pageant? How fucked up is that?

Why am I not going out? Well, the only thing to do in and around my hotel is eat (since I don’t have a car). There are 45 different restaurants inside the hotel and 400 within a 4 block radius. Is there a comic book store within walking distance? No. A board game store? No. Anything cool? No. All that shit is in Hollywood.

I suppose I could go out and club it but I’m here alone this week and I think the whole eating-out-in-nice-places-all-by-myself thing is humiliation enough. This whole city is a joke, though. The local morning news programs are the least-informative shows I’ve seen. The “anchors” want to talk about Madonna new tour and not what the weather’s going to be like today. The compare the current flooding in the mid-west to the soon-to-be-released film The Day After Tomorrow.

At least the people I’m working with out here are really nice. That’s something. And the office is only a five-minute walk away (in which I pass, no joke, four Starbucks).

I think I’ll take half of Friday off to go to Universal Studios or do something touristy…

The hotel I'm staying in is famous.

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