What is wrong with Louisiana??? Last week it was 'gay' being a dirty word that you couldn't say in school (even though the 'offender' was using it in it's proper context) and now you can't bring Advil to school. I understand if the student has all kind of X hidden in the bottle or is popping the Advil like M&Ms, she should be in big trouble. But if the poor girl is having her period and suffering from cramps, she should be allowed to take two.

What I want is all the MALE school board members to be struck down by the monthly curse. I bet you ten bucks they'd be singing a different tune.

Ooo, I have a full bottle of Tylenol in my bag right now. Who's gonna turn me in? Huh? Breakin' the law, breakin' the law...

P.S. I'm going to homeschool my kids. When I have kids. After I find a husband. Wait, gotta find a boyfriend first. Need to change my attitude before anyone'll take me. Hmm... note to self: start showering and going out more.

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