Remember when VH1 was easy-listening videos and more female-centric? Back in the day, it was all Mariah Carey (pre-hip-hopified), Celine Dion and Whitney Huston. Do you know what I saw last night on VH1? A special on Ol’ Dirty Bastard. He’d just gotten out of prison and the show was basically a documentary about him trying to stay off drugs and alcohol, meeting with parole officers and trying to make it from the studio to home before curfew. Just before one commercial break, a preview of what’s coming up showed ODB sitting on a couch in a dirty wife-beater, hollering into a phone, “Bitch! Don’t call me no mo. I ain’t givin yo mutha-[beep] ass any mutha-[beep] money. You hear me? Hello? H-hello?” It occurs to me that this is something that should probably be reserved for MTV. As I’m pondering this, sipping a margarita, a commercial for A Kid Rock Christmas (airing on VH1) appears. Maybe VH1 is the new MTV… Maybe all of Viacom’s cable channels with eventually show the same thing.

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